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Ideation Workshop

The objecitve is to run a collaborative ideation engagement via a workshop with a follow-up summary outlining recommendations and next steps.
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This is an ideation workshop, bringing together cross-functional stakeholders to solve a problem or challenge.


To run a successful Ideation Workshop, you should design and execute it as a structured meeting that brings key stakeholders together to work collaboratively on a pre-determined organisational problem, need or opportunity. Your aim is to work alongside cross-functional stakeholders to develop a series of ideas for solutions to problems and opportunities that align with your organisation’s priorities and goals for the future.

Five Work Steps

In the Ideation Workshop, the aim is to:
  • Determine the problem or opportunity to be addressed (incl. its scope and impacts)
  • Map out the problem or opportunity and its impacts on the organisation, teams or people
  • Ideate and capture options, opportunities and areas of improvement; e.g. people, process, tech and data.
  • Evolve captured options, improving them through design thinking and iterative ideation
  • Determine next steps and recommendations that take the ideated output forward

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