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Innovation consultants

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Innovation consultants and contractors

Innovation, be it in technology, process or people, is the lifeblood of successful businesses.

It fuels growth, resilience, and competitiveness in an ever-evolving market landscape. Embracing innovation allows organisations to anticipate and respond to changing customer needs, harness technological advancements, and differentiate themselves from the competition.

A culture of innovation encourages continuous learning, risk-taking, and collaboration, fostering a workplace where ideas flourish and transformative solutions emerge. By prioritising innovation, businesses unlock their full potential and pave the way for sustainable success, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industry, ready to adapt and seize new opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

Our innovative, algorithm-driven consulting marketplace provides you access to leading innovation consultants and contractors skilled in every dimension of innovation and ideation.

Innovation opportunities and challenges


The amount of UK R&D funding from the business sector – lower than Germany, Korea and Japan – and as a proportion of GDP growth has been slower than the OECD average.


The amount invested in research and development by UK-based companies in 2021, making the UK the eighth highest ranked country in the world by the amount invested.


The total number of USPTO published patents in 2020 by the UK’s semiconductor industry – this sector accounts for half of all published UK USPTO patents.

Sources: University of Cambridge: The UK Innovation Report 2022.

Blending the best of human and digital

Using a simple, interactive wizard our platform helps you to quickly and easily design a comprehensive project brief. Algorithms that codify real-world experience then ensure rapid and accurate matching to consultants and contractors you can request bids from.

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Innovation consultants and contractors – building a culture of ideation

Businesses face various innovation challenges in today’s fast-paced and competitive market environment.

Innovation and ideation processes help organisations generate, develop, and implement innovative ideas, products, services, or processes. Innovation consultants help foster a culture of innovation, ensuring organisations remain competitive, adaptive, and sustainably grow.

Our consultant and contractor marketplace provides access to expertise and fresh perspectives on all aspects of the innovation process, such as opportunity identification, idea generation, evaluation, concept development, implementation, and strategy. They help improve processes, adopt new technologies, and develop internal innovation capabilities.

By working with innovation and ideation consultants and contractors, organisations can navigate challenges, create value for customers, employees, and stakeholders, and apply these services across diverse industries and sectors – enabling organisations to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market landscape.

Discover our all-inclusive marketplace of innovation and ideation consultants and contractors, providing customised expertise to align with your goals, tackle ideation challenges and advance your innovation initiatives.

Rapid technological advancements

It can be daunting for many businesses to keep pace with emerging technologies, adopt and integrate them into existing systems and processes, and leverage their full potential.

Changing customer expectations

As customers become more discerning and demanding, businesses must continuously innovate to meet their evolving needs and preferences and provide exceptional user experiences.

Shortening product life cycles

Accelerated market dynamics often result in shorter product life cycles, requiring businesses to innovate and iterate rapidly to maintain their competitive edge.

Organisational culture and mindset

Creating and sustaining a culture that supports innovation, risk-taking, and experimentation can be challenging, especially in traditional or hierarchical organisations.

Resource constraints

Balancing innovation investments with other business priorities and limited resources (financial, human, or time) can be a significant challenge for organisations of all sizes.

Talent acquisition and retention

Attracting, developing, and retaining the right talent with the skills and expertise needed to drive innovation can be daunting, particularly in competitive industries.

Operational efficiency

Strategy consultants evaluate a company’s operations and identify areas for improvement, recommending changes to optimise performance, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Scaling and commercialising

Transitioning from an idea to a market-ready product or service, and scaling it successfully, can be difficult due to various factors like market acceptance, competition, and operational challenges.

Regulatory and compliance hurdles

Navigating complex regulatory environments and ensuring compliance while pursuing innovation can be challenging, particularly in heavily regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

Managing innovation processes

Establishing systematic processes for idea generation, evaluation, and implementation, while maintaining agility and responsiveness can be a significant challenge.

Portevo – amplifying innovation and ideation

Innovation is more than the initial creative spark.

Ideation and innovation should be central to organisational culture and operations – transforming ideas into products, services and processes that set you apart from competitors. Our marketplace of innovation consultants and contractors are experts in transforming how organisations approach to creative thinking and translating that into commercially viable strategies that accelerate growth, expand into new markets, and disrupt the status quo.

Our network of experts helps identify potential areas of growth and supports in-house teams to think beyond conventional boundaries, unlocking creative potential and opening up new routes to problem-solving.

From standalone innovation projects to creating a culture of ideation and fresh thinking, our consultants and contractors can bring unique perspectives and novel approaches to foster an environment where innovation becomes part of everyday business as usual.

Bespoke innovation consultant and contractor support

Our unique consulting marketplace revolutionises how businesses access professional consulting services by seamlessly connecting them with qualified consultants and contractors backed with real-world, extensive experience across various industries.

Our platform simplifies finding, evaluating, and engaging consultants and contractors by offering unique algorithm-powered search capabilities, detailed profiles and transparent pricing. Our innovative project-scoping tool helps you build the expertise, outcomes and skillsets you need, uniquely tailoring consultancy support to your specific challenge.

Our marketplace takes the hassle out of finding expertise – and saves 30-50% versus alternatives.

Quick and easy project scoping

Build your project specification with pre-configured Statements of Work – picking and choosing from over 100 work modules – from customer experience workshops to user experience design.

Verified, on-demand expertise

Get instant access to a vast pool of verified innovation consultants and contractors for your project with bids within 72 hours.

Save time and money

Reach our network of independent consultants and contractors with a wide range of expertise in just five minutes – and save 30-50% versus alternative consulting services.

Simple, effective contracts

Our one-contract multiple-project approach streamlines the consulting experience for both clients and consultants.

Emily Shelley MD, Alamy (PA Media Group)

“Always focused on outcomes with a unique ability to balance project delivery challenges. Adaptable, collaborative and supportive.”

Scott Sumner, Commercial Insights Director, EXFO

“Portevo provided a completely new and fresh perspective for EXFO to put a customer-led network experience at the centre of its B2B product sales process.” 

Philip Sharpe, MD Sonalake

“Portevo’s approach to our product strategy project at Sonalake provided the added impetus we needed to answer some bigger strategic questions”

Why work with Portevo?

We understand that every project is unique.

That’s why we offer flexible options to accommodate various scopes and timelines through mix-and-match consultancy work modules specifically created to accelerate innovation. With our consultant verification process and client reviews, you can trust you’re partnering with skilled and professional innovation consultants and contractors.

Our platform connects organisations with top-tier professionals across various industries, streamlining the process of finding and engaging with the right consultant for your needs. Our combination of client reviews and verified consultant and contractor profiles enables businesses to onboard expertise that fosters innovation, improves project outcomes, and contributes to your organisation’s overall growth and success.

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