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A community of practice for independent consultants

Being independent gives you flexibility, but it can mean missing out on professional collaboration and development. Portevo changes that

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A community of practice for independent consultants and contractors

Being independent gives you flexibility, but it can mean missing out on professional collaboration and development. Portevo changes that

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Portevo is the portfolio work revolution

Work Engine™ empowers you to plan and execute more and better engagements with confidence.

Your challenge, need and desired outcome captured in a few clicks. Our Work Engine platform immediately presents you with initial resource matching and scoping possibilities.

An experienced Portevo advisor provides you with a free consultation to specify the next level of scope detail and explore the resourcing models available.

Our Work Engine platform matches the resulting detailed requirements with a choice of options on best fit talent to deliver.  This may be, or blend, individual consultant experts, high-performing turnkey dedicated teams, or our pay-as-you-use Human Cloud.

The expertise from each resourcing alternative provide tailored proposals for you to compare and shortlist from.

An interview process enables you make your decision based on hard and soft skills plus chemistry and cultural fit.

The initial phases of your engagement are finalised and agreed into agile sprints with your chosen Portevo resource who then execute and deliver your results with a ‘satisfaction or you pay nothing’ guarantee.

We work with you using the same process to ensure your next phases and ongoing needs are resourced and met by the optimal talent resources.

Consultant briefing from Portevo founders

Comprehensive orientation and Q&A

How we work


Access Models for Individual Consultants and SME Partners

We enable access to our platform, whether you are a solo worker or someone seeking an extra channel for SME consulting business.

Standard Access

Monthly Cost:   Free
No. of Profiles:  1
  • Work Engine™ Profile Creation

  • Work Engine™ Module Access

  • Work Engine™ SoW Creation

  • Customer Success Support

  • Margin Share Discount

  • Work Engine™ Featured Search

Growth Accelerator

Monthly Cost:   Contact Us
No. of Profiles:  Up to 25
  • Work Engine™ Profile Creation

  • Work Engine™ Module Access

  • Work Engine™ SoW Creation

  • Customer Success Support

  • Margin Share Discount (Up to 25%)

  • Work Engine™ Featured Search

SME Partners

Monthly Cost:   Contact Us
No. of Profiles:  Flexible
  • Work Engine™ Profile Creation

  • Work Engine™ Module Access

  • Work Engine™ SoW Creation

  • Customer Success Support

  • Margin Share Discount (Up to 50%)

  • Work Engine™ Featured Search

Reasons to be cheerful

We believe there are four compelling reasons to come on board with Portevo



You control and shape the kind of work you do, as well as how much you work and where you do it. By maintaining your Portevo profile you ensure you’re only matched to relevant and interesting briefs.



Independence can mean a lack of opportunity for collaboration on client work. Being part of the Portevo community means you can benefit from team-based projects, as well as the chance to interact within a community of practice



The assurance and liquidity Portevo provides to the market helps ensure your true value is recognised. In conjunction with setting your own rate, you have the potential to optimise the value you get from your work


By taking advantage of formal and informal learning opportunities hosted by Portevo, you can benefit from regular professional development

Expertise that makes a lasting difference

Experts from our network have worked across multiple industries and disciplines to deliver enduring value for clients

Customer experience transformation for a major UK mobile network

Delivered an uplift of +25% in Net Promoter Score over a multi-year period. Which in turn reduced churn by 30% and helped making this major UK mobile operator #1 in the market.

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Customer journey optimisation and shift to digital support for travel systems integrator

Redeveloped web platform, optimised customer experience and created mobile app achieving 40% / $9m revenue increase within six months across 11 countries.

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Creation of digital app marketplace for merchant payment solution providers

Created marketplace ecosystem which underpinned the securing of €30m investment funding, 60+ partner contracts within 8 months and revenues of €8m within 12 months of launch.

Read case study
Customer experience and product strategy advisory to develop new strategic direction

Advised CxO community on how to integrate customer experience into their product offering; and developed future product strategy with customer success at the core.

Read Case Study
Digital and business transformation within a global car rental company

Led a piece of work for a well known car rental brand that stood up a new route to market through a new digital capability and adaptive business transformation that exploited the new capabilities provided.

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Customer-centricity and e-commerce audit and transformation strategy plan

Led piece work linked on assessing maturity of a content business’s e-commerce capability; followed by recommendations that enable a +50% improvement in digital sales performance.

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Blending the best of human and digital

Our propriety technology is at the heart of the Portevo marketplace. Using a simple, interactive dialogue it helps you design a comprehensive project brief. Algorithms that codify our real-world experience then ensure rapid and accurate matching to consultants you can request bids from.

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What we’re looking for – Is it you?

We’re always looking to grow the community, so take a look at our ideal profile and complete an initial registration. One of the team will be in touch to walk you through next steps.

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Portevo Expert Profile

Our consultants and contractors come from a variety of backgrounds, typically with evidenced track record in one of the areas below


Management Consultant

You have worked for either a boutique or mainstream consulting or strategy firm, at a mid to senior rank.

5 years minimum experience


Independent Contractor

You are a successful and entrepreneurial contractor working in a variety of client environments.

5 years minimum experience

Industry Expert

You have held a leadership role in an organisation pursuing a growth or operational excellence agenda.

10 years minimum experience


Innovation or Digital Agency

You have worked in a client facing role for a leading innovation or digital transformation agency.

5 years minimum experience

Be the expertise that helps clients grow, innovate and improve