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Digital and ecommerce consultants and contractors

Scoping, building and implementing ecommerce systems and platforms is never an out-of-the-box experience.

Today’s digitally fluent organisations avoid one-size-fits-all thinking. Implementing effective ecommerce and integrating with organisation-wide digital platforms is crucial for driving success.

Effective ecommerce is more than digital sales. It allows organisations can tap into new markets, streamline operations, and enhance customer relationships, all while staying competitive and relevant in an ever-evolving landscape. Integrating ecommerce into a company’s overall strategy not only paves the way for future growth but also ensures that the organisation remains at the forefront of technological trends, meeting the needs of both current and prospective customers alike.

Digital platform challenges abound, especially as technologies become increasingly complex. Choosing the right technology stack and infrastructure that allows for scalability, adaptability and performance optimisation, through seamless integration with existing systems, such as inventory management and CRM tools, is vital for effective deployment and operations.

Our algorithm-powered consulting marketplace gives you access to some of the best digital and ecommerce consultants and contractors experienced in all aspects of ecommerce platforms and digital marketing strategies.

Digital and ecommerce opportunities and challenges


UK internet sales as a percentage of the UK’s total retail sales revenue in February 2023.


The predicted increase in the total sales value of the UK’s ecommerce market in 2023.


The total size of the UK’s ecommerce market, making it the fourth largest in the world and ahead of Germany.

Sources: Office for National Statistics; ecommerceDB

Blending the best of human and digital

Using a simple, interactive wizard our platform helps you to quickly and easily design a comprehensive project brief. Algorithms that codify real-world experience then ensure rapid and accurate matching to consultants and contractors you can request bids from.

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Ecommerce consultants and contractors – reinventing the digital landscape

To truly succeed in ecommerce and digital platforms, businesses need more than just technical expertise.

Navigating the complexities of digital platform development – from strategy to implementation – requires unique approaches that identify value propositions and articulate innovative strategies for clear differentiation. Data privacy and security are paramount, with organisations required to implement robust cybersecurity and comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

Ensuring a seamless, intuitive user experience is crucial for customer conversion and retention, as is the integration and interoperability of multiple digital platforms, tools and systems, while scalability and adaptability are vital for growth and changing business needs.

Keeping up with evolving technologies – from SaaS and PaaS to mobile payments and crypto – helps businesses stay relevant when coupled with effective digital marketing strategies. Whether building an ecommerce platform from scratch or re-platforming to ensure relevance, resource allocation and cost management is essential to ensure projects remain on track and on budget.

Portevo’s extensive marketplace of digital and ecommerce consultants and contractors supports digital strategies at various stages, depending on objectives, challenges, and the maturity of digital and ecommerce efforts.

Platform selection

Choosing the right ecommerce platform and technology stack that supports the business’s needs, is scalable and integrates seamlessly with other systems is a core ask – and provides a foundation that will inform operations for years to come.

Mobile optimisation

Ensuring that ecommerce channels – from social to website – and digital marketing efforts are optimised for mobile devices is critical for online sales as customers seek out frictionless ecommerce and immediate fulfilment.

User experience

Building a user-friendly and intuitive ecommerce platform is essential for customer engagement. This includes optimising UX and UI, effective and compliant data capture, to providing a seamless, secure checkout process with features such as automated abandoned basket customer communications.

Data management and analysis

Collecting, managing and analysing the vast amounts of customer data generated through ecommerce and digital marketing efforts is complex yet essential for making data-driven decisions and personalising customer experiences.

Inventory management and logistics

Efficiently managing inventory, shipping, and fulfilment can be complex. Organisations need to develop streamlined processes and leverage technology to optimise supply chain management and minimise the risk to logistics.

Platform integration and interoperability

Integrating multiple digital platforms, tools, and systems can be complex. Organisations must ensure seamless communication and data flow between systems and platforms to optimise operations and avoid technology silos

AI and ML integration

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to enhance ecommerce and digital marketing processes, such as chatbots, product recommendations, and predictive analytics, can help maximise resource effectiveness and lower overheads through automation.

Data privacy and security

Ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and implementing robust security measures in an era of on-demand cloud-based services to protect customer information and prevent fraud.

Customer support

Providing excellent customer support in a timely manner is essential in ecommerce. Businesses need to develop efficient systems for handling customer inquiries, building single customer views throughout purchasing channels, and seeking to make ecommerce as frictionless as possible.

Trends and technologies

The ecommerce and digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and businesses must have their finger on the pulse of emerging trends and technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

Portevo – driving successful technology transformation

Our consultant and contractor marketplace allows organisations to transform their approach to digital platforms, systems integration and ecommerce with access to on-demand expertise.

Portevo’s unique consulting marketplace enables clients to get a full sight of their digital platform strategy and ecommerce effectiveness, identify areas for improvement and make data-led decisions to optimise performance, personalise the customer journey and better integrate with on and offline operations.

Our extensive network of digital and ecommerce consultants and contractors blends unique insights into technology stacks and platforms, integration into systems and processes, and hard-won expertise in building e-commerce solutions from scratch. Our consultant network enables effective digital platform strategies to be implemented, taking advantage of automation technologies while complying with data regulations.

Expert digital ecommerce consultants and contractors

Our unique consulting marketplace revolutionises how businesses access professional consulting services by seamlessly connecting them with qualified consultants and contractors backed with real-world, extensive experience across various industries.

Our platform simplifies finding, evaluating, and engaging consultants by offering unique algorithm-powered search capabilities, detailed profiles and transparent pricing. Our innovative project-scoping tool helps you build the expertise, outcomes and skillsets you need, uniquely tailoring consultancy support to your specific challenge.

Quick and easy project scoping

Build your project specification with pre-configured Statements of Work – picking and choosing from over 100 work modules – from customer experience workshops to user experience design.

Verified, on-demand expertise

Get instant access to a vast pool of verified customer experience consultants and contractors for your project with bids within 72 hours.

Save time and money

Reach our network of independent consultants and contractors with a wide range of expertise in just five minutes – and save 30-50% versus alternative consulting services.

Simple, effective contracts

Our one-contract multiple-project approach streamlines the consulting experience for both clients and consultants.

Emily Shelley MD, Alamy (PA Media Group)

“Always focused on outcomes with a unique ability to balance project delivery challenges. Adaptable, collaborative and supportive.”

Scott Sumner, Commercial Insights Director, EXFO

“Portevo provided a completely new and fresh perspective for EXFO to put a customer-led network experience at the centre of its B2B product sales process.” 

Philip Sharpe, MD Sonalake

“Portevo’s approach to our product strategy project at Sonalake provided the added impetus we needed to answer some bigger strategic questions”

Why work with Portevo?

Discover a world of diverse expertise and tailored solutions with Portevo, our powerful consultant marketplace designed to meet your business’s unique digital and ecommece challenges.

Our platform saves you time and resources while connecting you with top-tier professionals offering competitive rates.

Experience the flexibility to accommodate various project scopes and timelines, mixing and matching consultancy work modules. With consultant and contractor verification and client reviews, we connect you to professional, experienced ecommerce consultants and contractors with less hassle, bids within 72 hours, and on average 30%-50% lower fees than traditional consultancy firms.

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