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Customer experience consultants and contractors

Today’s empowered customers expect their preferred suppliers and brands to recognise them and engage with them in a relevant way.

Customer experience (CX) has emerged as the foremost competitive differentiator, making it essential for businesses to deliver personalised interactions at every touchpoint. These interactions collectively shape customers’ overall perception of your brand, rendering CX vital to business success.
Investing in customer experience (CX) is crucial for UK businesses to gain a competitive advantage, enhance brand reputation, and drive growth. Exceptional CX fosters customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy, leading to increased revenue. By staying agile and responsive to changing customer needs, businesses can adapt to market trends, driving strategic improvements across an organisation.
Our innovative, algorithm-driven consulting marketplace provides you access to leading customer experience consultants and contractors skilled in every dimension of customer experience.

Customer experience opportunities


The percentage of UK customers experiencing a problem with an organisation in 2023 increased from 13.6% in 2020.


The percentage of customers who would stop buying from a brand after just one single bad experience.


Senior executives believe customers are constantly resetting their expectations to match their best omnichannel experiences.

Sources: The UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) 2023; PwC Experience Is Everything Report; Adobe.

Blending the best of human and digital

Using a simple, interactive wizard our platform helps you to quickly and easily design a comprehensive project brief. Algorithms that codify real-world experience then ensure rapid and accurate matching to consultants and contractors you can request bids from.
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Customer experience consultants and contractors – building engagement

Investing in customer experience (CX) is crucial for UK businesses to gain a competitive advantage, enhance brand reputation, and drive growth.
Businesses face several significant customer experience (CX) challenges, from rising customer expectations for seamless and personalised experiences and achieving omnichannel consistency to effective data management and delivering tailored experiences while maintaining privacy.
Businesses need to adopt a holistic approach that combines strategy, technology, data analytics, and employee engagement. Constant monitoring and improvement are essential to ensure businesses stay aligned with customer preferences, industry trends, and technological advancements, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Our comprehensive marketplace of customer experience consultants and contractors offers bespoke expertise tailored to your objectives, challenges, and the progress of customer experience initiatives.

Rising customer expectations

Customers expect seamless, personalised, and efficient experiences across all touchpoints. Keeping up with these expectations can be demanding for businesses.

Omnichannel consistency

Delivering a consistent and unified experience across multiple channels, including physical stores, websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms, can be complex and resource-intensive.

Data management and analytics

Collecting, integrating, and analysing customer data from various sources to derive actionable insights is challenging, especially with growing concerns about data privacy and security.

Technology adoption

Identifying and implementing the right technologies, such as AI, chatbots, and CRM systems, to enhance customer experiences while ensuring compatibility with existing systems can be daunting.

Feedback and responsiveness

Gathering and incorporating real-time customer feedback to make swift improvements is essential but challenging, particularly in large organisations with multiple departments and stakeholders.

Employee engagement and training

Building a customer-centric culture and empowering employees to deliver exceptional experiences requires ongoing training, communication, and motivation investment.


Developing tailored experiences for different customer segments while maintaining privacy and avoiding intrusiveness is a delicate balance.

Measuring CX success

Identifying and tracking the right KPIs and metrics to evaluate customer experience initiatives can be difficult, as can connecting CX improvements to tangible business outcomes.

Agility and adaptability

Responding quickly to changes in customer preferences, industry trends, and technological advancements is crucial for businesses but can be challenging to execute.

Improving internal processes

When an organisation needs to optimise its internal processes or systems to improve customer experiences, a CX consultant can guide best practices, tools, and technologies to achieve those goals.

Portevo – enhancing the customer experience

We empower organisations to shift their perspective on customer experience fundamentally.
Our distinctive consulting marketplace equips clients with the tools to transition from treading water overseeing customer interactions to becoming a responsive, customer-led organisation where customer experience is at the core of business success.
Our comprehensive network of customer experience consultants merges profound technical knowledge of cutting-edge customer experience trends with inventive thought to pinpoint value-generating opportunities for clients across diverse industries and sectors throughout the UK.
In addition to strategic customer experience guidance, our network of contractors and consultants helps develop tangible strategies that facilitate change across organisations, business operations, and customer touchpoints while delivering extensive satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue benefits.

Tailored customer experience consultant and contractor support

Portevo’s transformational consulting marketplace is changing how businesses access professional consulting services by seamlessly connecting them with verified customer experience consultants backed with extensive real-world experience across various sectors and industries.
We make finding, assessing, and engaging consultants simple and effective by offering unique algorithm-powered search capabilities, detailed profiles and transparent pricing. Our market-leading project-scoping tool helps you construct the relevant customer experience expertise, outcomes and skillsets your organisation needs to fuel customer-led growth.
Our marketplace takes the hassle out of finding expertise – and saves 30-50% versus alternatives.
Quick and easy project scoping
Build your project specification with pre-configured Statements of Work – picking and choosing from over 100 work modules – from customer experience workshops to user experience design.
Verified, on-demand expertise
Get instant access to a vast pool of verified customer experience consultants and contractors for your project with bids in 72 hours.
Save time and money
Reach our network of independent consultants and contractors with a wide range of expertise in just five minutes – and save 30-50% versus alternative consulting services.
Simple, effective contracts
Our one-contract multiple-project approach streamlines the consulting experience for both clients and consultants.
Emily Shelley MD, Alamy (PA Media Group)

“Always focused on outcomes with a unique ability to balance project delivery challenges. Adaptable, collaborative and supportive.”

Scott Sumner, Commercial Insights Director, EXFO

“Portevo provided a completely new and fresh perspective for EXFO to put a customer-led network experience at the centre of its B2B product sales process.” 

Philip Sharpe, MD Sonalake

“Portevo’s approach to our product strategy project at Sonalake provided the added impetus we needed to answer some bigger strategic questions”

Why work with Portevo?

Our algorithm-powered consulting marketplace provides tailored expertise and custom solutions in customer experience for UK organisations. We make it easy to connect with industry-leading professionals, saving you time and resources while providing competitive rates.
We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer flexible options to accommodate various scopes and timelines through customised consultancy work modules for customer experience projects. With our consultant and contractor verification process and client reviews, you can trust you’re partnering with skilled and professional customer experience consultants and contractors.
Discover a seamless experience, rapid results, and cost-effective pricing with Portevo, and elevate your organisation’s customer experience approach.
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