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Business Transformation Expertise

In an ever changing world, the need for organisations to adapt, innovate, and transform to stay competitive and relevant is more pressing than ever.

The status quo is no longer an option. Business transformation actively engages in the strategic process of fundamentally reimagining and reshaping an organisation’s systems, processes, culture, and overall strategy to align more effectively with the evolving needs of customers and stakeholders.

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The percentage of organisations engaged in some form of digital transformation initiative.


The percentage of organisations that have managed to successfully bring their digital transformation initiatives to scale.


Of transformation value is derived from growth initiatives, with growth as transformative as cost-cutting.

Sources: Gartner; McKinsey & Company.

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Don’t risk your business transformation

We have developed a proprietary approach that provides structure and confidence for our clients and consultants alike; removing ambiguity and therefore risks from your transformation programme.

Assess situation and existing maturity to build a picture of the needs and rationale for a the project
Develop strategy deliverables and TOM designs that identify options for the direction of travel
Create use cases, user stories and designs that inform how the project should be delivered
Deliver requirements in a way that satisfies the needs and delivers on the goals for the organisation
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We’ll find you the right business transformation expertise

The world around us is changing so quickly, that the need to transform a business and essentially re-invent itself has become crucial to not only thrive but often to survive

By proactively navigating the complexities of change, embracing innovation, and adapting to evolving market dynamics, you can shape a future-ready enterprise that thrives in an increasingly competitive landscape. Successful transformation relies on strong leadership, a clear vision, and an unwavering commitment to cultivating a culture of continuous improvement.
Our innovative, algorithm-driven consulting marketplace provides you with access to leading business transformation consultants, skilled in every dimension of commercial, operational, HR, digital and market challenges.
Interim Resources
Management Consultants
Fractional Freelancers
Programme Leaders
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Business transformation expertise that fuels your success

Where innovation meets impact.

Business transformation is challenging. Resistance to change among employees and stakeholders can derail existential business change. Successful transformation requires a clear vision and strategy, strong leadership, and clear-eyed communication to align goals and encourage adoption.
Shifting the organisation’s culture and mindset towards innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement is complex. Integrating new technologies and balancing the demands of ongoing operations with transformation initiatives can be daunting.

The business transformation paradigm – material change on two axis

First referenced in Harvard Business Review, the transformation paradigm requires material change on two axis: changes to strategy and operating model. This is when the future business is changed quite significantly over a period of time.
Organisations must carefully allocate resources, prioritise efforts, and measure success using effective, actionable key performance indicators. Business transformation consultants tackle a range of transformation drivers and challenges, ensuring a successful and sustainable business transformation.
Portevo’s marketplace of business transformation consultants and contractors offers bespoke expertise tailored to your objectives, challenges, and maturity of business transformation initiatives to help you overcome the issues below.

Stagnant or declining performance

Commercial stagnation or a decline in key performance metrics such as revenue, market share, or profitability needs underlying issues diagnosed, identifying opportunities for improvement, and a comprehensive transformation strategy.

Industry disruption

Rapid technological advancements, evolving customer preferences, or new market entrants can disrupt traditional business models and require organisations to transform in order to stay competitive.

Restructuring or M&A

Significant organisational changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, or major restructuring, need a smooth transition that aligns organisational cultures and processes, creating synergies across the combined entities.

Inability to innovate

Slow adoption of new technologies or an inability to foster a culture of innovation requires support to embrace change, implement new technological solutions, and develop an innovation-oriented mindset.

Operational inefficiencies

Organisations burdened by inefficient processes or outdated systems need to streamline operations, identify areas for improvement, and implement best practices for increased efficiency and cost reduction.

Changes in regulation

New regulations or compliance requirements need steady navigation of the changing landscape, adapting processes accordingly, and ensuring ongoing compliance.

Difficulty in execution

Failure to implement strategic plans or achieve desired results may need the expertise of business transformation consultants to help them realign their objectives, optimise resource allocation and develop effective execution strategies.

Resistance to change

Transformation initiatives can run aground through natural resistance to change among employees and stakeholders, needing support to embrace new processes, technologies or strategies.

Measuring success

Establishing clear and quantifiable metrics to measure the success of the transformation can be challenging to identify appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs) that accurately reflect the desired outcomes and track progress.

Maintaining business continuity

Balancing the demands of ongoing operations with the needs of the transformation can be complex. Organisations need to ensure that critical business functions continue to operate smoothly while the transformation process unfolds.

Portevo, helping drive your business transformation

Our consultant marketplace helps businesses transform their approach to business transformation and implementation.
Portevo’s unique consulting marketplace enables clients to shift from merely managing customer interactions to establishing a future where business transformation that delivers better customer experience lies at the core of business success.
Our verified network of business transformation consultants possesses the expertise and industry-specific knowledge necessary to navigate complex transformation processes, ensuring your business remains competitive in today’s rapidly changing market.
Portevo’s consultants add value by facilitating effective communication and collaboration, fostering a culture of innovation, and aligning your organisation’s goals and objectives. They’re adept at navigating the challenges of integrating new technologies while balancing ongoing operations with transformative initiatives, building tailored action plans that prioritise your organisation’s unique needs and objectives, and providing the support necessary to execute a sustainable and successful transformation.
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A better way to access business transformation expertise

We’re shifting how clients access professional consulting services. Our innovative consulting marketplace effortlessly connects you to verified business transformation consultants with extensive real-world experience across diverse industries.
Our platform simplifies finding, evaluating, and engaging consultants by offering unique algorithm-powered search capabilities, detailed profiles and transparent pricing. Our innovative project-scoping tool puts you in control, assembling only the expertise, outcomes and skillsets you need without the expensive overhead, customising consultancy support to fit your needs.
Our marketplace takes the hassle out of finding expertise.

1. Easy project scoping

Build your project specification with pre-configured Statements of Work using our extensive library

2. Verified expertise

Get instant access to a vast pool of verified business change consultants and contractors for your project.

3. Save time and money

Reach our network of independent consultants and contractors with a wide range of expertise in just five minutes.

4. Simple, effective contracts

Our one-contract multiple-project approach streamlines the consulting experience for both clients and consultants.
Emily Shelley MD, Alamy (PA Media Group)

“Always focused on outcomes with a unique ability to balance project delivery challenges. Adaptable, collaborative and supportive.”

Scott Sumner, Commercial Insights Director, EXFO

“Portevo provided a completely new and fresh perspective for EXFO to put a customer-led network experience at the centre of its B2B product sales process.” 

Philip Sharpe, MD Sonalake

“Portevo’s approach to our product strategy project at Sonalake provided the added impetus we needed to answer some bigger strategic questions”

Why work with Portevo?

Discover a diverse range of expertise and tailored consultancy support with Portevo, our consultant marketplace designed to address your organisation’s unique business transformation challenges.

Our platform efficiently connects you with professionals with hard-won, real-world experience with fee structures typically less than 30%-50% of traditional consultancy costs.
Our consultant marketplace makes managing diverse project scopes and schedules easy, seamlessly integrating consultancy work modules. Connect with professional, experienced business transformation consultants through verification and client reviews, ensuring an efficient process and competitive pricing.
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