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Business change management consultants and contractors

Business change is an inevitable fact of life for most organisations – yet fewer than half of all change programmes are successful.

Organisations must adapt to stay relevant and competitive, and successfully navigating business change can deliver new commercial opportunities that can power long-term growth.

Finding the critical path to value-building change means organisations need to implement effective change management practices, provide clear communication and excel in stakeholder engagement, ensuring that employees understand the rationale behind the change and are equipped to adapt to new ways of working.

Our network of change consultants helps businesses find their way through effective transformation programmes by identifying areas for improvement, developing strategic plans, and implementing change initiatives that are the foundation for growth.

Our algorithm-powered consulting marketplace gives you access to the right change management consultant and contractor experienced in all aspects of change management – from business process improvements to company restructuring.

Change management – challenges and opportunities


More than one in four (27%) of all organisations spend more than one-fifth of their operating costs on change programmes.


The percentage of change management programmes that can be defined as a clear success; half of all organisational change initiatives fail.


The percentage of UK organisations that rate their change management as poor against a global average of 8% of comparable organisations.

Source: PwC; Gartner

Blending the best of human and digital

Using a simple, interactive wizard our platform helps you to quickly and easily design a comprehensive project brief. Algorithms that codify real-world experience then ensure rapid and accurate matching to consultants and contractors you can request bids from.

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Change management consultants and contractors – effective change

Organisations are facing a rapid pace of change against the backdrop of a dynamic, global environment driven by internal or external factors.

New markets resulting from globalisation or diversification necessitate product, service, and operation adjustments. Emerging competitors require a reevaluation of competitive advantage and product offerings. Rapid technological advancements compel businesses to continually adapt to stay competitive and meet customer expectations.

Business change can have a significant impact on employees. Whether the change is due to organisational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, new technology implementation, or shifts in company culture, helping employees navigate change is a central plank to its effective implementation.

Restructures impact operations and culture. Regulatory changes demand adjustments to practices and processes to maintain compliance. Workforce changes, including demographic shifts and talent shortages, drive talent management strategies and workplace policy modifications.

Managing these diverse changes is critical for businesses to thrive in a complex landscape.

Our extensive marketplace helps you find the right business change consultant or contractor for expert support at various stages, depending on objectives, challenges, and business maturity, minimising negative impacts and capitalising on the positive aspects of business change.

Resistance to change

Employees may resist change due to fear of the unknown, job security concerns, or a perceived loss of control, making it difficult to gain buy-in and support for the change initiatives.

Ineffective communication

Poor communication about the change process, objectives, and expected outcomes can lead to misunderstandings, misinformation, and reduced employee engagement.

Insufficient leadership support

A lack of commitment or involvement from top management can undermine the change process, as employees look to leadership for direction and support during uncertain times.

Inadequate planning and resources

Change initiatives may fail if they are not well-planned, lack clear objectives, or are not supported by sufficient resources, such as time, budget, and skilled personnel.

Organisational culture

A profoundly ingrained organisational culture can impede change efforts, particularly if the culture is risk-averse or resistant to innovation.

Change fatigue

Organisations undergoing multiple or continuous changes may experience change fatigue, reducing employee morale, productivity, and overall change effectiveness.

Skill gaps

Successful change management often requires specialised skills and knowledge, which may be lacking within the organisation, hampering the ability to manage the change process effectively.

Managing stakeholder expectations

Aligning the expectations and interests of various stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders, can be a complex challenge in change management.

Measuring and sustaining change

Determining the success of a change initiative can be difficult, as can ensuring that the implemented changes are sustained and continue to deliver long-term benefits.

Uncertainty and risk

Change initiatives often involve a degree of uncertainty, making it challenging to predict outcomes, identify potential risks, and mitigate any negative impacts.

Portevo – supporting effective business change

Our unique consulting marketplace enables clients to map and navigate change successfully.

Our extensive network of change management consultants and contractors helps guide organisations through change by developing and implementing effective strategies, addressing resistance, and fostering employee engagement.

Change management consultants and contractors excel in all stages of change – from needs assessment and strategy to managing and coordinating the change initiative, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and encouraging adjustments to optimise operations further.

They analyse existing processes and structures to identify improvement areas, facilitate communication, and ensure successful change adoption. Their expertise in change management helps businesses navigate challenges, minimise disruption, and achieve desired outcomes.

Tailored change management consultant and contractor support

Discover our unique change management consultant and contractor marketplace that transforms how businesses find and connect with experienced professionals with extensive, real-world knowledge in assessing, strategising and implementing change. Our platform is specifically designed to cater to your change management consulting needs.

Our consulting marketplace simplifies discovering, evaluating, and collaborating with change management consultants and contractors by offering innovative, algorithm-powered search capabilities, comprehensive profiles, and transparent pricing. Our cutting-edge project-scoping tool empowers you to define the expertise, outcomes, and skillsets you require, customising the consultancy support to meet your change management challenges.

Our marketplace takes the hassle out of finding expertise – and saves 30-50% versus alternatives.

Quick and easy project scoping

Build your project specification with pre-configured Statements of Work – picking and choosing from over 100 work modules – from customer experience workshops to user experience design.

Verified, on-demand expertise

Get instant access to a vast pool of verified customer experience consultants and contractors for your project with bids within 72 hours.

Save time and money

Reach our network of independent consultants and contractors with a wide range of expertise in just five minutes – and save 30-50% versus alternative consulting services.

Simple, effective contracts

Our one-contract multiple-project approach streamlines the consulting experience for both clients and consultants.

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“Always focused on outcomes with a unique ability to balance project delivery challenges. Adaptable, collaborative and supportive.”

Scott Sumner, Commercial Insights Director, EXFO

“Portevo provided a completely new and fresh perspective for EXFO to put a customer-led network experience at the centre of its B2B product sales process.” 

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“Portevo’s approach to our product strategy project at Sonalake provided the added impetus we needed to answer some bigger strategic questions”

Why work with Portevo?

Our innovative consulting marketplace offers access to a wide range of expertise to address your organisation’s specific business change management challenges, whatever the maturity stage.

Our algorithm-powered platform efficiently connects you with expert business change management consultants and contractors, saving time and resources while providing competitive rates that save 30-50% compared to alternatives.

Scope your project in as little as five minutes with our interactive project-scoping platform, building a brief from over 100 work modules. With consultant and contractor verification and client reviews, you’ll get competitive bids within 72 hours as well as a hassle-free single point of contact and contact.

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